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Meet Your Home Inspections Team

Home Inspections

Home Inspections, LLC serves Columbus, Ohio its surrounding areas by providing the absolute best in thorough and reliable home inspections that exceed industry standards. Our passion for the job and commitment to excellent customer service has helped us become the area’s premier home inspection provider. We are proud to serve homeowners and buyers and help them make informed decisions.

Why a Home Inspection Matters

Purchasing a home will most likely be the single biggest financial decision you make. Once you find your dream home, it is important to ensure that there aren’t any hidden problems that could affect your health or end up requiring major repairs down the road. That is why we provide a detailed home analysis and offer radon, mold, lead-based paint and wood destroying insect inspection reports. Our reports allow you to have an accurate view of the condition of a home and make the right purchasing decision.

Professional Reports

At Home Inspections, LLC, we go above and beyond to provide well-organized and easy to read reports so that you don’t have to be an expert to understand our findings. In addition, our experts are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have. With quick turnaround times, you won’t have to wait days to learn about the condition of the home.

What Makes Us Different

While some inspectors are only trained in specific inspection methods, our experts also have a firsthand knowledge of the building and construction process. This unique perspective allows us to identify potential hazards and early warning signs that can save you money, time and frustration. Our fully-licensed inspectors are certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors. Formerly working in the mechanical and building trades are inspectors can Carrie up to 14 different certifications. They are well-versed in industry best practices and possess the right balance of education and on-the-job experience to provide unmatched service.

We aren’t afraid to get dirty in order to make sure that every corner of your home has been thoroughly inspected. From crawlspaces and attics to roofs and foundations we will cover every inch and leave no stone unturned. Visit our site to learn more and schedule your home inspection.


Termite Inspection and Gasline Inspection

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