Termite Inspections in Columbus Ohio

Your Guide to Termite Inspections in Columbus Ohio

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There are plenty of different types of insects that love to eat wood and will slowly destroy your home. From termites and fungi to carpenter bees and powder post beetles, Mother Nature has created plenty of creatures who dine on your prized possession. If you suspect that termites or other wood destroying insects are attacking your home, don’t hesitate to schedule a termite inspection. Call Home Inspections LLC serving the Central Ohio area immediately so that you can prevent further damage and take the necessary steps to eradicate the pests and repair your home. Don’t let pests eat away at your investment. Reclaim your home with our affordable termite inspection solutions.

Termite Inspection: What to Expect

Detecting signs of insect damage requires the trained eye of a professional termite inspector. Our experienced termite inspectors know just what to look for and where to look when conducting your household termite inspection in Columbus OH. They will thoroughly examine all potentially affected areas and provide you with an Ohio Department of Agricultural Report (Form NPMA-33) that outlines where they detected problems along with recommendations for the best course of action.

The Professional Termite Inspection Difference

In Columbus, Ohio, termite inspectors are required to be licensed, which means they have met state standards and completed the necessary training. Make sure you hire a professional in order to avoid unnecessary costs, reduce damage and get the termite inspection done right the first time.

At Home Inspections LLC, we have a team of licensed and experienced termite inspectors who are committed to providing excellent customer service. We know that the process of identifying and eliminating insects from your home can feel overwhelming. This is why our inspectors treat you just like they would their own family and strive to make every termite inspection feel more manageable. They are here to answer your questions walk you through every step of the termite inspection process in your Columbus OH home.

What Does a Termite Inspector Look For?

Here are some commons signs of termite infestations that inspectors are trained to look for:

1. Piles of wings around window sills and doorways. During the termite’s reproductive period of their life cycle, they use their wings to travel and Pnd mates. Once fertilization occurs, they shed their wings, which can accumulate in areas where they have formed a nest. If you or an inspector locates wings, the actual termites are bound to be close by. Our termite inspections will be able to determine this.

2. Mud tubes along foundations and other home access points. Termites are problem-solvers. If they run into a material, like concrete, which they can’t eat through and will prevent them from getting to a food source, they will simple build a bridge. Mud tubes are essentially termite highways that keep them protected and allow them to reach the wood in your home. The tubes are made from soil, wood and other organic material, which usually gives them a brown color which we will find during the termite inspection.

3. Mud in joints and cracks. A warm and humid environment is ideal for termites. They hate a cold draft, so they will actually use mud to Pll-in crack and holes along construction joints in order to create a more comfortable environment. Inspectors will look for signs of mud accumulation in certain areas to see if termites have setup shop.

4. Presence of termites in other wood objects in your yard. If an inspector Pnds termites in outdoor fencing, landscape mulch, Prewood and dead trees located on your property, there is a good chance that termites have also made their way into your home.

5. Weak wood and dry rot. Unfortunately, termite damage can be hard to detect just by taking a look at a structure’s surface. Termites eat the inside of the wood, making it difPcult to see pathways. A professional will be able to tap pieces of wood and listen for a low or Wat sound that indicates hollow wood. A well-trained ear can detect damaged wood during a termite inspection.

Previous Extermination Treatments

Even if your Central Ohio home has already been treated for termites and other insects, you may be due for another inspection and round of treatment. The weather conditions where you live, the density of any previous infestation and the expertise of your last exterminator can all affect how long your treatment lasts. Your best bet is to schedule a yearly appointment with Home Inspections LCC. Regularly inspecting your home and checking for signs of termite damage is by far the best tool for protecting your home and your investment. Schedule a regular and routine termite inspection with us today!

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A close up of a soldier termite

Wood destroying termites like this, can be discovered during a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio

wood damage found during a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio

Damage caused to wood is commonly found during a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio

An example of termites shedding their wings

An example of termites shedding their wings found during a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio

a termite colony found during a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio

A writhing swarm, which can be found during a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio

VA Loans and Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

Veterans will need to complete a termite inspection on their potential property before securing their loan if the home is located in a zone with a “very heavy” to “moderate” probability of infestation. This is a requirement in 30 states, including Ohio. However, the VA may provide assistance to those living in low probability areas who still want the assurance of a termite inspection. Veterans looking to take advantage of the great rates and 100% financing available with VA loans will need to complete a termite inspection on their potential property before securing their loan. Depending on the amount of damage that is found, the seller may be responsible for addressing any and all issues.

Who Orders and Pays for the VA Termite Inspection?

The buyer is responsible for ordering the termite inspection, but the seller is required to order and pay for the pest inspection under the terms of a VA loan. There are only nine states where the VA allows buyers to pay for the inspection. Buyers may find that the seller and their real estate agent raise a little fuss about the cost, but VA is clear about this requirement, which is meant to protect veterans and ensure that they purchase a safe and sanitary home.

What Zone Am I In?

In general, the northern most states have the lowest probability of termite infestation. The further south, you travel the better conditions become for termites. Ohio is located in the “moderate to heavy” probability zone, which means veterans will be required to have their potential property inspected before securing a VA loan. It also means that other homeowners across the area should invest in regular Wood Destroying Insect and termite inspections.

termite infestation zone map in the United States

Columbus Ohio falls within the Moderate to Heavy probability zone. To schedule your termite inspection in Columbus Ohio or Central Ohio, call us at: 1 (800) 241-0133!

Common Wood Destroying Insects

Subterranean Termites

Termites are perhaps the most well known wood-eating pests. They thrive on damp wood and form colonies that burrow tunnels and damage homes, furniture and trees. More often than not, property owners will notice piles or wings or tunnels being burrowed before they ever see the actual white bodies of the termites. Home Inspections LLC can help you keep your peace of mind with a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio.

Termite Quick Facts

  • Over $4 billion in damages to homes and businesses each year
  • Drawn to moist wood
  • Can be hard to detect
  • Often spotted in crawl spaces and around structural beams
  • Leaves wood hollow
  • Termite tunnels are made with soil, saliva and feces
  • Wood damage can take years to surface

Carpenter Ants

Like all species of ants, the carpenter ants are hard workers, which means that they can cause a lot of trouble in very little time. They have a habit if chewing wood both with and across the grain to form interesting patterns. As they bore through wood, they carry the shavings outside the nest. Because they work in large colonies, you may actually be able to hear them at work, biting away at your home with their strong jaws. If you schedule a termite inspection in Columbus OH, then we will also look for signs of carpenter ants.

Carpenter Bees

These large bees love to eat a variety of woods, but are especially partial to any surfaces that are already weathered. Signs of carpenter bees include an entrance hole and appearance of sawdust that is a result of their boring. They tend to prefer structural pieces of wood and avoid surfaces that have been painted or sealed. Over time, carpenter bees can form tunnels that reach 10 feet and cause extensive damage. If you schedule a termite inspection in Columbus OH, then we will also look for signs of carpenter bees.

Powderpost Beetles

As with termites, homeowners are much more likely to spot damage than actually see Powderpost beetles in action. These beetles chew circular holes that can be clearly seen. Depending on the exact type of beetle, the size of holes can range from .09 to 0.28 inches. The Powderpost beetle gets its name from the fact that it can turn hardwoods into powder, which is exactly why you will want to call a professional if you suspect an infestation. If you schedule a termite inspection in Columbus OH then we will also look for signs of powderpost beetles.

carpenter ants found during an inspection

Carpenter Ants like these, found during a wood destroying insect and termite inspection in Columbus Ohio, can wrack havoc on wood.

a carpenter been making a hole in wood

Carpenter Bees make holes in wood like this, which can be found during a wood destroying insect and termite inspection in Columbus Ohio

powder beetle making a hole into wood

Powder Beetles, which can be found during a wood destroying insect and termite inspection in Columbus Ohio, are tiny and can bore holes into wood causing a "powdered" build up.

Wood Destroying Fungi

Both white rot and brown rot, which is often referred to as “dry rot” can compromise the integrity of wood. Typically, wood that has been damaged by fungi will feel much lighter than normal and may even be sprouting mushrooms and brackens. Brown rot causes wood to take on a brown color and crumble simply by being touched. White rot is just as destructive but causes more of a bleached appearance and makes the wood feel spongy. If you schedule a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio, then we will also look for signs of wood destroying fungi.

What Happens if There is an Infestation?

Once you have had your home inspected by a professional and you have received a detailed WDI report, the first priority will be to eliminate the insects. The type of treatment will vary depending on the type of insect. There is also the possibility that you are suffering the effects of both fungi and insects, which can require a more comprehensive approach. The inspector will thoroughly assess the damage and make recommendations for repairs. The cost of repairs can vary widely depending on the amount of damage and where is it located, which makes it even more important to work with a trusted professional.

Who Pays for Treatment if a House is Infested?

In the case of a VA loan, the seller is required to pay for treatment and any necessary repairs. However, this is not the case with standard loans. While most states require a termite inspection in order to secure a loan, the actual treatment costs are open for negotiation. As a buyer, it makes sense that the seller would cover the cost, bu are by no means required to pay for treatment. The inspection is merely meant to uncover any problems, but you will have to negotiate exactly who pays for what and may require you and your real e t they state agent to make changes to the original contract.

Termite Inspections throughout Columbus OH and Central Ohio

If you are in need of a termite inspection in Columbus Ohio, then contact us and schedule an appointment now. We inspect for all wood destroying insects.

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